You snooze, you win

‘Is she sleeping in her own bed now?’ she asked me. It never occurred to me that my baby would sleep in my bed. Ever. I did not know that that was an option.

You see, to me, my bed was my bed, and Kendi’s bed was hers. I had aunty Dolly’s 34 IMAG0293year old carry cot with me. You know, the one I and 25 of my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews had slept in. It was waiting for her at home. The first time she needed to sleep, I put her in it. And she slept in it for the her first 6 weeks. And I slept in my own bed.

I am confident that because we, my husband and I, did not consider the option of Kendi sleeping in our own bed, we do not have the challenge of moving her to her own bed now, 7 months later. Sometimes, the best thing is not to even know.

‘Yes, she has always slept in her own bed’, I answered, to the bewilderment of my aunt.

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