Sick baby diary

This is how my week has panned out.

Sunday: Kendi refused to eat anything. She had a few bites of her cereal in the morning, half my sausage as I was eating breakfast at about 10, and then proceeded to refuse all offers of rice and stew, banana, or rice cakes (her favorite snack). Then when we went to my cousin Wam’s, she was happy to eat out of Sly’s plate. (This might actually be because Sly is her grandmother, my aunt- even though she is 2 days older than me-and babies just kind of like their grandmothers. Sly made a comment,’maybe she just doesn’t like your cooking Kitt.’ We all laughed and thought nothing of it.

Monday: She wakes up so hot that she burns me as I breastfeed her. I get ready and take her to the clinic. The pediatrician isn’t in so we see the GP. He says she has a fever, inflamed ear drums (she keeps tugging at her ears), and an inflamed throat. He prescribes some antibiotics and we leave, but not before she shouts and screams at him for using the stethoscope on her. The fever has gone down.

Tuesday: She wakes up a bit better than yesterday but still listless. She proceeds to eat nothing the entire day, only breast milk. At around 4, I’ve had it and I head back to the clinic. The pediatrician is in so that’s a plus. He looks her over, finds her fever very high, but her ears are normal and so is her throat. He reassures me that her not eating is not a big deal. The only problem is if she doesn’t breastfeed as well. Phew! We head on over to my sister Mich’s school event. She claps the loudest.

Wednesday: She wakes up hot, again! I’m over this situation now. I feel like I’m the one who is sick. Martin jumps in the shower with her and her fever breaks almost immediately. She’s so much better the whole day. Till about 4 when she throws up. And again at 4:30. I start to call the doctors in my contacts. One of them says, ‘take her to the hospital if she doesn’t breastfeed because that means that she’s dehydrated’. Thankfully, she breastfeeds and starts to look a lot better. She even cracks a smile.

So now, we wait. This sucks. Martin and I feel awful. Sick baby means sick family.

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