My designer handbag

My younger sister Tawi, is a diva in every sense of the word. So fabulous, stylish. In vogue, on trend. She knows that lace is ‘in’ right now, and swears that you can wear a denim shirt with jeans. Something I find quiet atrocious.

She gave me an original Micheal Kors handbag in the most beautiful blue. Its not too big or small. It has a long handle with metallic links, if you want to hang it on your shoulder. It has, shorter handles if you want to hang it on your wrist the way I see those famous people carry theirs when they’re out on the town. Its perfect.

Also, there is always one of Kendi’s socks in it.IMAG1205

If I asked you what you have in your handbag, you’d probably say, ‘lip gloss, a bottle of water, a book, wallet, sweets’. Me? Among other things, one of Kendi’s socks. Not a pair, just one. I then start to ask questions such as, ‘where is the other one? Who took this one off? Why did they leave the other one on? Why and how have I become this woman. It’s very bizarre.

I find that these days I am very low maintenance. I used to change my handbags to match my outfits, and now I can carry the same blue Micheal Kors bag 3 weeks in a row without batting an eye. I’m just too busy doing other things with the time I used to spend changing bags.

And it’s not only socks, or sock, that I find in my handbag. Sometimes I find one diaper, a whole pack of wet wipes, and little wet and dirty t-shirts. I have become this woman and I love it. Thank you Tawi for the designer handbag. It is well used.

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