Mountain climbing

When she was born, Kendi broke a record at Aga Khan Hospital. At 4.7kgs, she was the largest baby to be born naturally last year.

As soon as she was born and I saw how big she was, I knew I was in for some hard labour. I went onto Facebook as soon as I could and invited all my friends to climb Mount Longonot with me in 4 months. I knew that if I didn’t get fit, I would not be able to keep up with her and provide her with as much care as she was going to need. Also, I needed to be accountable to many people so that I couldn’t back down without getting an ‘aren’t we climbing Longonot this Saturday?’ froIMAG0252m one of my friends.

Since you’re not supposed to do any strenuous exercise soon after childbirth for at least 3 months, I walked around my neighborhood and did all the house work to get my body ready. As soon as the 3 months were over, and I had one month to go before climbing Longonot, I did the hardest, best fitness course I have ever done.

I lost all the weight I had gained while I was pregnant and a little bit more. I climbed Longonot with my friends at the end of the month. It was so hard, but when I reached the top, I couldn’t believe that I had managed to do it. We didn’t stay long at the top, I had to hurry back down to breastfeed Kendi who we had left in the park, at the bottom of the mountain, with my sister.

Nowadays, I don’t pant when I carry my little lady (all 10.7kgs now) up the stairs to our house. I thank those first 4 months of hard work for how I feel; energetic, lively and ready to go. Kendi will never be able to run away from me. Maybe. She probably still will.

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