Mother’s day

Last Mother’s day, I was a mother in waiting. Kendi was still in my belly so we (read Martin) just celebrated me on behalf of my round belly. This time, she is here, she is 10 months old and hopefully has been saving to take me out on a date.

Barbara, my good friend, was telling me about a sea food restaurant that she went to. I really don’t like sea food. I’m from a community where I have learned to value maybe 3 types of fish- Ngenge (Tilapia), Omena (White bait) and Adel (I’m not sure about this one in English, it looks like big white bait but doesn’t taste like it). Anyway, Barbara was telling me about this restaurant and how she really enjoyed herself. She said she didn’t particularly like sea food as well but just decided to try it. It apparently blew her mind.

So now, I really want to go (can you say peer pressure?).

I came upon a magazine that had a review of the same restaurant (just by coincidence, I wasn’t even looking for it) and decided to leave it on the table where Kendi would see it and get the hint.

The first day, she basically just ate the pages before her father moved it away from her.

So, I tried a different tactic. I started to talk to Martin about the restaurant, in Kendi’s hearing. I was hoping she would think something along the lines of, ‘hey, mama really sounds like she likes this restaurant, I should take her there for our first mother’s day’. But, when I looked over, she was kind of just eating a rice cake and looking at the TV.

I am very worried now that she might not have understood what I want. I might have to tell her directly, ‘baby girl, take me to that nice seafood restaurant for Mother’s day. I really want to try it’.

Sunday is approaching fast, I don’t know if it’s enough time for her to come up with the money.

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