Letters to my daughter: Part 2

On 22nd November 2013, I wrote:

I heard your heartbeat today. And I saw you in my stomach. Gosh! I can’t believe how amazing this is. Your heart sounded so good. The doctor said that you are healthy and will be here on June 28th.

I’m going to wait till Karl gets here to see how many clothes I get. Then I can start shopping for you slowly, slowly.

I’m really excited about you baby. I can’t wait to meet you. I’ve wanted you for so long.

I have a picture of you!


On 5th December 2014, I wrote:

I dreamed I lost you last night. I was in such despair. I felt like my life had ended.

I pray for you all the time, my child. That I might meet you. That you will grow up to be good and beautiful and in love with Yahweh. I pray for you all the time.

Your daddy said nothing was going to happen to you. I believed him. He doesn’t usually lie to me.

He better be right little baby.


Winnie (my sister in law- in my culture, I refer to her as the English equivalent of ‘Aunt’) wrote:


I can’t imagine how amazing, scary, exciting, life-changing this experience must be for you; but one thing I know for sure is that you’ll be an awesome mum, and you and Martin will be parents of exception!

I’m so happy for you both, and can’t wait to be an aunt (again).

Here is to another 6 or so life changing months and a lifetime of learning, nurturing, teaching and being a role model to not only your child(ren) but to all those around you!

I’m so proud of you!



Michael (my friend) wrote:

To (s)he who shall not be named,

It’s an odd thing to be writing to a child who is yet to be born, let alone named. Yet still, even as your birth remains a mystery to us, we have a few certainties.

One is that you were born of, and into, love. You will be loved with a fierceness and intensity that will come to define you. This love is something you should never lose sight of. That you are a child who is loved is special and that, if nothing else, makes you special.

Two, your parents are wonderful people. They smile more than most people I’ve met. I can promise that (even when you’re mad at them) they are working to what they think is best for you.

We await your arrival eagerly. To love, to overwhelm, to struggle, to smile, to laugh, to live, to love, to love, to love together.

Always be happy and keep a smile on you face.




On 4th January 2014, I wrote:

I felt you move yesterday! Last night! At first I thought it was just my heart beat but when I put my fingers on my neck, it didn’t match up. It was so awesome. I’m in love with you little baby. Totally and irrevocably in love.


On 19th January 2014, I wrote:

Daddy’s sperm had to fight acid in mummy’s vagina, then mucous in my cervix, then leukocytes in the uterus and finally protective layers on the egg. Can you imagine?!

Where 2.5 million sperm were released, only 12 reach the egg. After 24 hours. That’s because they move 1/10th of an inch in a minute. Isn’t it amazing how God makes sure only the fastest, strongest sperm reach the egg to make you?

Well done!

I love you and you are strong and beautiful.


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