Kendi, Mich and Sifa

Sifa is Mich’s dog. She’s a pomeranian spitz which means she’s basically small, hairy and extremely loyal. When Mich leaves the house, she sulks for half a day under the couch in the family room. It’s pathetic. But we love her and she loves us and we wouldn’t have it any other way. When robbers broke into the house that time and shot dad, Sifa barked and bit someone and ran away. All this and she was still just a puppy. That’s how loyal she is, she didn’t want to see dad hurt.

Now, Sifa has moved that love on to Kendi, the newest family member. Whenever we walk into mum’s house, she jumps and tries to lick her. She wags her tail so happily, that you can’t help but feel, ‘awwwwww’. So sometimes, I put Kendi down onto the floor and they play. By play, I mean Sifa licks Kendi’s face and Kendi tries to pull the fur off of her back. It’s a wonderful relationship.

But this reminds me of the first time Mich saw a dog. We were in the house and we suddenly heard Mich scream loudly outside. My mother made it out before the rest of us and picked her up. There was a huge black dog standing in front of her, just looking at her. He was as surprised to see her as she was to see him. He was a house dog and had probably never seen anyone so short in his life. Mich was maybe 3 years old. Mum said, ‘ok onyal timi gimoro‘ (It can’t do anything to you). To which Mich asked, ‘to en ang’o? (But what is it?). I remember laughing. But Mich probably thought, ‘well, that’s interesting, I think I like this big furry thing’ because today, she’s working towards being a vet. Every dog Mich meets, she loves and they love her right back. Every animal in fact.

I really don’t want Kendi to be afraid of an animal that will protect her with it’s life. I want both Kendi and Sifa to know that they are part of the family and should live happily ever after.

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