My sister Tawi was propositioned one time by an admirer, ‘I will take you hot swimming’, he begun. ‘What is that?’ she asked, trying to hide her amusement. ‘The pool is heated’, he responded. And when she told me about it, I have never called swimming in a heated pool anything else. I have laughed at that phrase very many times after that.

This morning, I called my mother. I wanted to say good morning to Kendi, she is having a sleepover in Par Kwe– the name of our family home.

Wang’e pod kwar mama’ (Her eyes are still red mama), my mother exclaimed through the phone.

‘Yeah, that swimming yesterday was epic’ I replied.

‘Really? She stayed in the whole day?’

‘Yup, the entire time.’

Truth is, she only came out for chips.

We went to Olkaria Geothermal Spa over the weekend. It’s a natural hot spring that they have tapped into a conventional swimming pool. So, its hot and in a pool where everyone, even chubby little almost-two year olds can swim in. Walk in, as was in Kendi’s case.

I had told Kendi that we were going to go swimming that day. And when we woke up, I reminded her, that we were going to leave after breakfast and go swimming. ‘Hashtag hot swimming’ Tawi quipped and got Kendi dancing. But, it was only after we got to the pool and she actually saw the water, did she get very excited and jump up and down saying, ‘waya, waya!’ (Water, water)

We got into our swim suites and waded into the water. I noticed she was very surprised at the temperature of the water. Every time we go swimming, she has had to get used to the temperature by first putting her feet in the water, and then waiting for her body to adjust. But this was like her bath water. It was lovely. She got right in and started splashing about. And remained until an hour and a half later when it was time to eat. Even after Tawi and I said, ‘Kendi ne chips’ (look chips), she was still not convinced enough to leave the pool. She would have much rather stayed in the ‘waya‘.

She eventually got out, ate her chips and started to dance, singing, ‘waya, waya’ and pointing at the pool. We had to get back in sooner, rather than later.

Now, the baby pool is shallow enough for Kendi to walk in. And as soon as she discovered this, she was off. She didn’t want any support and was even pushing Martin’s hands away from her. The gentle waves from the other children playing, were knocking her off balance but she didn’t seem to care. It was kind of weird. She is a very confident little lady. We stayed close but let her wander around the pool.

I think she will be happy to go back as soon as possible.

As for Tawi, #hotswimming might be featuring on a social media site some time soon.


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