For father’s day

So, I never did get to go to that restaurant for Mother’s day. I guess Kendi just wasn’t listening all along. Or maybe she’s not as smart as I had hoped. Sigh.

Anyway, for father’s day, I asked Martin what he wanted. His answer was the same it has been for the past 11 years, ‘oh anything baby’. I don’t know why I keep asking him, he’s a guy- chances that he has thought about what he wants for a birthday, anniversary, holiday are slim to none. I suppose I am not as smart as I had hoped.
So I went to the only person in the world who calls this man father. The conversation went as such:

‘Kendi, Iparo ang’o gi baba ni this father’s day?’ (what are your thoughts around your father this father’s day?)

baba baba baba anananana’, she replied at the top of her lungs.

‘OK, idwaro losone a card maybe?’ (want to make a card?)


‘Dinner or lunch?’


At this point I begun to realize what she was saying.

So I got onto my computer, filled in the details to win a father’s day competition- lunch with one of Kenya’s high flying dads- and actually won. So I told Martin on Saturday morning, ‘Kendi entered you into this father’s day competition as a gift, and you won, so get dressed and go out for your lunch’. ‘What? Really? Nice. Where is it?’

So he spent that day having lunch with other dads, and then we went and hang out with our good friend, Anita for the evening. The thing that really worked for him this year was, he was able to keep saying, ‘honey, can I please do this? It’s father’s day.’ ‘Honey, could you please get me some water? It’s father’s day.’ ‘Honey, can we please eat chicken for dinner? It’s father’s day.’

For someone who doesn’t think a lot about holidays, he sure did milk this one for all it was worth.

Also, maybe one day, Kendi will take me to that restaurant. I’m still waiting for my mother’s day gift. Sigh.

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