Who is a city girl now?

Kendi and I went upcountry last week. My uncle had passed away and I went to attend the funeral. Since I travel everywhere with the little lady, she came too.

Although many things are the same at my parents’ house, like access to electricity and running water, many things were different there than they are here in the city. I hoped she wouldn’t care very much but she exceeded my expectations by not caring at all. She acted as if the things/ food/ animals we were doing, eating, and interacting with, were normal everyday things/ food/ animals.

For instance, we didn’t have a big enough basin for her to take her bath in. At home, she sits in a big basin and plays with little green ducks as she takes her bath. In the country, she had to sit on a stool and have water poured over her from a jug. She just sat there happily, occasionally trying to grab the jug as it was coming up to pour, and didn’t complain a bit.

Another thing was the weather. It was at least 15 degrees hotter there. We stripped her down as best we could and let her hang about in a little vest and open shoes. She just loved it. While we sweated and whined, she had nothing but good things to say about the heat. She just went about her business as usual, and drank lots of water.

The chicken and sheep were an interesting addition to her life though, and she was very intent on chasing them (with the help of her aforementioned long suffering mother for support of course) and chase them she did.

The food was very different- with the addition of traditional vegetables and fish she’s never tasted before. She didn’t even blink, she ate what she was served, and was good with that.

We went to the little stream at the bottom of the hill on the last day. She screamed with delight when she saw it, she sincerely thought it was a pool. And when we sat down to play in the water, she didn’t even flinch at the temperature. When it was eventually time to leave, she couldn’t believe we were getting out of the water. My sister Tawi asked, ‘did she think we were coming to stay forever at the river?!’. We just laughed, tied her on my back and left.

Easy country baby!

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