Which way are you going?

Kendi is crawling now. In reverse.

It’s interesting, because I only know one other baby who crawled in reverse, although I’m told it happens quite often. Mich, my little sister, would crawl under our furniture, get stuck and then scream and yell for someone to help her out. I remember pleading with her to stretch out her hands so that I could drag her out. I was only 11 at the time, what did I know about helping a baby out of tight spots? It was full time work!

So Kendi crawls backwards. She crawls under her high chair, under the TV stand, even into my handbag (which she tips over beforehand). And then she’s stuck. She calls out for help and if it doesn’t come soon enough, she screams and shouts. She has become very adept at throwing tantrums.

Today, her father was home and was able to see for an extended amount of time, this whole situation. So, he decided to teach her how to crawl forwards. At first, he put something she wanted in front of her (my water bottle), then he encouraged her to go get it. When that didn’t work, he took to actually moving her fat thighs up and down in a crawl. This, while the entire time explaining to her the mechanics of crawling forwards. Ah, the things we teach our children.

One day, she will be older and I will share with her how her father taught her to crawl forwards. She will probably laugh as hard as I did.

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