Wam and Dadi’s wedding

We went to Naivasha, for Wam and Dadi’s wedding. Wam is my first cousin and she and I have always hang out. Except for those awkward teenage years when Tawi and I pushed Fiona (Wam’s sister) and Wam away because we were running with the wrong crew (but that’s not what this story is about). So it has always been Wam and I, and Fiona and Tawi. Suffice it to say, Wam and I are close enough. So I packed up my family and we headed to the weekend long event.

It. Was. Incredible.

The ceremony was so beautiful, the vows were original and unpretentious, the food was amazing, and we danced all night. It was the most fun in the world.

And Kendi loved it.

She got to hang out with all her aunts and uncles, who simply adore her. She danced when we danced. She ate so much food, considering she had been sick the whole week. It was more or else her first real meal. She enjoyed being outside (the ceremony was outdoors), and when it was time to take pictures, she had her adorable smile on. She got her perfect day out.

My cousins also brought their children out. But not my friends. I kept asking, ‘where is the baby?’ And the answer was surprisingly consistent, ‘with this cold? I couldn’t bring him/her out here’. I got this answer 4 times and I was more flabbergasted each time.

I asked myself more than once, ‘Were me and my 10,000 cousins bad parents to bring our children ‘out here’ in ‘this cold’?’

I know that that statement didn’t have anything to do with me or any of the parents who brought their babies to the wedding, but there is an impatience I experience when someone doesn’t bring their baby out because of the weather. The weather is something that will always happen- it’s not going anywhere. And even though I am completely sure that parents always do their very best for their children, I also know that there is an anxiety that we experience around our babies that is unreasonable and frankly, not based on fact. And this anxiety can only be taken away by our own initiative. Parents are crazy people for sure.

If we think about it this way, ‘surely there are babies born in that part of the world’, it might make us less anxious. Then the babies can enjoy different events, see different places and experience different weather.

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