Splashin’ around

The first time we took Kendi swimming, it was last December and the pool was cold, even by my standards. She went in, made a face because of the water temperature and then started to kick her legs breast stroke style. We could have gone on for longer than the 6 minutes we were in, but then she started to shiver and it was out to sunbathe with us. The second time we went swimming, it was in the Tsavo and the water was considerably warmer. Kendi swam for about 15 minutes, kicking her legs the whole time, while I held onto her hands. She was so happy that when it was time to leave the pool, she cried and screamed and kicked her legs in protest. We swam every day for the week we were at that resort and by the second day, she would start to kick her legs as we were walking to the pool. She knew what was coming and she couldn’t wait. The up side of all that swimming, apart from exposing her to water at an early age so that she wont be hydrophobic, was the deep and long naps she’d take after every swim. This gave me time to swim all I wanted before she woke up. We’re thinking of enrolling her into a swimming course as soon as possible. Maybe we can get her all the way to the Olympics. Also, her chances of falling into a pool and drowning, even now, are much less than a child who hasn’t been swimming at all. For this, I am thankful.

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