Shorts and skinny jeans

One time I met a little girl called Zenani. She was 5 years old at the time. We got to talking and I asked her, as I always ask small children, ‘are you a boy or a girl?’IMAG1564

‘A girl’ she replied.

‘How do you know?’ she hesitated. So I asked her,’what do girls wear?’


‘And boys?’

‘Skinny jeans’

I laughed so hard. So did she. I suppose she thought it was funny that I was laughing. I just found that so refreshing.

When I go shopping for clothes for Kendi in the market, the vendors always ask me if I’m buying for a girl or a boy. I’ve only ever said ‘girl’ once. Because they only gave me pink clothes after that. I wanted to see the red one hanging there, and that black one also looked nice, but alas, they were very focused on the pink.

My poor eyes would bleed if everytime I looked at my child, I saw only one color.

So when my cousins Zawadi and Joy were coming to my baby shower, they really wanted to know what I was having so that they can know what color clothes to buy.


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