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I work in a pretty decent place. We get lunch served to us every day. But on some days, the lady who cooks, Hannah, isn’t around and we have to fend for ourselves. This is where my adventure is set.

A few weeks ago, Hannah needed to take her sick child to hospital and wasn’t coming in. Some colleagues decided to go out for some lunch. I couldn’t go because I had so much work to complete before the end of the day, that I sent one of them, ‘Please bring me some food’.

They did bring it after about an hour and a half. By which time, I was dying of hunger. One of my other colleagues did not send for food. When my food finally arrived and I was heading to the kitchen to serve it, she turned and told me that she was so hungry and she hadn’t thought to send anyone, would I mind sharing my food.

I minded. A lot. But I’m an adult and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I really don’t care. You should have sent someone for food. I couldn’t care less if you’re hungry, I’m hungry too. You cant have any of my food’, common adult decency and the need to ‘look good’ demanded that I say, ‘Sure, no problem’ and share my food.  Needless to say, I was still hungry after lunch and now, also annoyed. Sometimes I wish I was Kendi.

Kendi doesn’t share. And she doesn’t care.

Although I know this might become a problem in the long run, with teachers at school and church especially, and maybe other parents telling me, ‘Mama Kendi, do you know that Kendi doesn’t like to share? It’s very unfortunate. She had a whole packet of biscuits today and she didn’t want to share. Although she expected the other children to share. It’s very bad.’ And I will nod and look concerned because I know that it’s my fault.

My goodness! I need to teach my child to share.

And not only that, I need to instill a caring aspect. One where she is sharing BECAUSE she cares that the other person doesn’t have what she has. One where she shares because she is feeling good about what she has, and she wants the other person to experience the good feeling too. Certainly, not one where she shares, like me in this situation, because she doesn’t want to feel guilty and that the other person will think she’s mean.

I have my work cut out for me. I am taking suggestions.

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