Panga soap

‘Wash the baby with panga soap’, my mother said matter of factly.

Sawa‘ (OK), I answered. I knew exactly what she was saying. I didn’t need convincing.

Panga soap is bar soap that comes in a long brick form. You buy it in maybe half a meter long and you cut it into bars as to your needs. There are no additives in it in terms of scent, color, or antibacterial properties. It is just soap. It is the best soap to use on your body. It’s natural, it gets the job done and almost no one ever gets an allergic reaction.

When I went to look for panga soap in the supermarket, while I was doing shopping for Kendi, I found that they had started to add ingredients to the one I found. So, I bought the next natural soap I came across. I was expensive. Panga soap is the cheapest in the market.

Lucy, my doula, told me that I should use edible oil on Kendi. Aunty Bulu, a massage therapist and natural wellness consultant reiterated this, saying, ‘you know your skin absorbs up to 15% of whatever you put on it? This really puts a strain on your liver and kidneys, trying to process things that are not food- the lotion, hair oil, etc. It’s so unhealthy’.

So we decided to use as many natural products on Kendi as we could- natural soap, olive oil for lotion, and aloe vera gel for any bruises. So far, she has not gotten any eczema, she hasn’t broken out in rashes, her skin is as smooth as her bottom.

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