Mueni, Kendi’s nanny and I, a few weekends ago, went and took a course on pediatric first aid.

I had been looking to empower myself in this area ever since Kendi was born. You can call it laziness because whenever I found a course (and I would be actively looking for practical courses on the subject- I didn’t feel like I wanted to do an online course), I would pretend I didn’t have the time, money or energy to go do it. I would always find something else to do. It was simultaneously ridiculous and amazing my ability to convince myself that I’d take the course later.

So, on this one occasion, because I knew myself and my bad habits, I contacted the people and started a ‘nagging’ sequence from them that was impossible to escape. They would email and call me to ask if I was interested ‘this time’ as they were offering the course AGAIN. I had to eventually say, ‘yes, yes, I’m coming this weekend, where do I sign up?’

That did it. I (because I cannot speak for Mueni) came out of there more confident than I thought I would be. And this happened for two reasons;

One- Mueni is amazing in a way that I would never have noticed had we not gone for the course together. She behaves very differently from her counterparts, who were also at the training. There were parents and hired caregivers (nanIMAG2394[1]nies primarily, I don’t think there were any teachers) at the training. I could immediately see who were the parents and who were the hired caregivers from their behavior, enthusiasm, confidence and general demeanor. But not so Mueni- she was volunteering for activities, asking questions and giving educated guesses. I loved it. It was everything I hoped she would be, but had never seen in action. One other nanny who had been escorted in by what appeared to be the father of the child she was caring for (he left soon after), at some point was staring out the window, was on her phone another time and asleep a third time. I thought to myself, ‘well, this is odd and sad. Odd because doesn’t everyone embrace learning? And sad because money is being spent to train someone caring for your child and they care nothing about it.’ She also did not ask one question the whole time we were there.

Two- I walked out of there almost hoping someone collapsed so that I could help them, I was that pumped! The information that was given and in the way it was given was so hands-on and so practical, even Kendi could have learned something. I am now offering my chama (investment group) a class the next time we meet- that’s how confident I am.

Now, I feel that I can fall back on my training in case Kendi or any other child in my care were to get hurt in any way. I love this new feeling of hope I have.

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