Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Kendi and I put up our Christmas tree earlier this month.

When I was deciding when to put it up (either mid November, or early December- I love Christmas, I could have the tree up the entire year!), I thought to myself, ‘what will happen this year with the tree? Kendi wasn’t moving around on her own and picking up things last year, so I didn’t have to worry about her pulling down the tree. But, will it be a complete waste of time putting up a tree with shiny ornaments and hope that it won’t come crashing down? Oh well.’

I decided to put it up anyway and see how we all deal with the new situation. I’m adventurous like that.

It was late afternoon one Tuesday when I went and brought down the tree and all the ornaments from where they had been stored, and started to put it up. As soon as Kendi saw the box of ornaments, she ran over, yelled, ‘babuuu (baloon)’ and picked one up.

It is important at this point to note, that my ornaments are made of glass, (or whatever that stupid breakable substance is that breaks when you look at it too hard) so I literally jumped over the table to tell Kendi not to touch. And then I thought, ‘aargh, what the heck, they are her ornaments as well. This is OUR Christmas tree.’

So, she helped me. She’d pick one up, say, ‘babuuu’ and hand it to me to hang. Some, she even tried to hang herself. It was a beautiful afternoon and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Also, what was very interesting about the whole hang-ornaments-with-a-baby episode was:

  1. She didn’t break even one ornament. She picked them all up carefully and handed them to me.
  2.  After the tree was up, she’d point and say, ‘babuuu’ almost every hour, on the hour, but she never tried to pick anything off.

I honestly think my daughter is 18months going on 13!

But my sister, Tawi, said something interesting the other day that might explain this, ‘Kitt, there’s a principle that some people don’t get- when you’re diligent in one aspect, it starts to show up in other parts of your life as well. So, the discipline that you have with Kendi’s routine, in terms of sleeping, breastfeeding, etc, shows up in other parts of her life.’


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