New house, same old things

On Thursday, we moved house.

We had a moving company come in, and they packed up everything and moved us to our new house right across town. We got there and had lunch in the car as they unpacked our things. We didn’t do anything- which was really helpful, especially with a baby in tow. This all happened while Kendi was watching of course.

At about 4:30pm, she started to agitate. She was irritable and didn’t want anyone else to hold her other than me. Tawi, my younger sister had asked me earlier in the week, ‘do you think she’ll be confused about the new house? Will she just realize that it’s her new house now?’ ‘ I have no idea’, I replied. ‘She’ll probably see that we’re always there and all our things are there, so it’s probably home. She might not care.’

I was wrong.

Well, partially wrong

At about 5:30pm, she was literally shouting and screaming at all of us. She seemed to be saying, ‘Enough! Let’s go home now. We are done visiting these people!’ I felt bad for the child. I tried to talk to her and explain, ‘this is our new house now. We are home. We are going to have so much fun here.’ She didn’t care. So we hurried on up and fed her her dinner, gave her a bath and put her to bed early. When she woke up in the morning, she was completely fine. She was home and everything was normal.

Martin and I are still adjusting to the new environment. Its cold here and some things don’t work. We need to figure out where we’ve put everything and what time to leave home to get to places on time. But for Kendi, its home. Mama and Baba are here. Mangoes and rice cakes are still available. She’s moved on beautifully. And this is why I am grateful for her moth-like memory.

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