Neat white dress

I wear a lot of dresses and skirts, I just love them, I don’t know why. I suppose I figured out when I was a teenager coming into my body, that I looked great in them, and they have been my style ever since. Many of my clothes are white. Again, I might have worn a white dress one day, gotten a lot of positive feedback and decided, ‘I look killer in white. I think I’ll keep it’.

Then along came Kendi.

I could not, still cant, ever get out of the house as clean as I’d like. If Kendi is asleep when I leave, then I might make it out spotless. Otherwise, not a chance. So one time, I think it was Nadia, my cousin, who asked me, ‘you wear white so often and you have a baby. How do you stay clean?’ I replied in surprise, ‘Nadia, I’m not clean, come see’. And indeed, the closer she got, the dirtier I was.

The thing with dirty clothes, especially if they’re white, is this- if you haven’t been playing football or climbing a tree, nobody can actually see the smudge of yogurt on your sleeve. They can’t really see the spot of porridge behind your knee where your child grabbed you. They literally have to be in your business to notice it.

And that’s just the reason I decided a little after Kendi was born, ‘people can’t actually see how dirty I am, I am going to wear my neat white dress and feel good.’ I have even taken it a step further by encouraging Martin to wear white shirts as well. ‘Don’t even worry babe,’ I tell him ‘no one cares’.

And indeed, we usually rock our dirty-as-anything-when-you’re-close-up-but-totally-fine-otherwise white clothes with style.

But it is very interesting when I dress Kendi up in white clothes. Because then she gets so terribly dirty by the time we’re leaving the house, that it didn’t even matter that we had dressed her up in the first place. We probably should have left her naked till we reached our destination (I fear however that, that would be me entering the dress-your-baby-for-public sphere, and I’m not sure I have the patience to sustain that kind of living).

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