My daughter’s world

In my daughter’s world:

  1. Everyone is a person. There is no one better than another because of their sex, race, size, age, hair texture, how much money they have in the bank, what language they speak, who they are married to. People are people.
  2. There is safety. No one hurts you just because.
  3. There is love. No one hates you because of where you are from.
  4. Men are safe. Kind even.
  5. Women are loving. Fun too.
  6. Everyone is part of your family. Because, again, we are all people. Well to be fair, animals are part of the family too.
  7. People don’t have issues with girls, that they don’t have with boys. Like decency, kindness, aggression, sharing, staring or touching your genitalia.
  8. Nobody who is a victim is made wrong.
  9. Everyone who is hurt, is allowed to cry.
  10. Everyone who is unhappy, is allowed to leave.
  11. Everyone who is happy, is allowed to celebrate.
  12. When you do something wrong, you are punished for it.
  13. When you are tired, you rest.
  14. When you are hungry, you eat.
  15. When you are full, you stop eating.
  16. It is warm at night and cool during the day.
  17. Dogs are play things.
  18. The police are people- Uncles and Tata’s (Aunties)
  19. When you miss someone, you call them, or visit them.
  20. People are who they say they are.

In my daughter’s world, things are fair. How can I live in my daughter’s world.

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