Mummy and daddy time

One day, when Kendi was about 2 and half months old, Martin, my husband, came home and said, ‘Honey, Kendi needs to know when it’s night time’

‘What?’ I asked incredulously.

‘She needs to know that when it gets dark, it’s night time and she needs to go to sleep’, he answered confidently.

‘How do we teach her that?’

‘When it gets dark, around 7, we give her a bath, we feed her, we put her in a dark room’


And that’s just what we did that evening and every evening since. Now at almost 8 months, Kendi starts to get really sleepy and lethargic at about 6:45pm. We feed her dinner at 6:30, Martin gives her her bath (which he has, on more than one occasion, described as the best part of his day) and to bed it is. I put her down while she’s wide awake. She’s in the dark, by herself, where she usually talks to Rispah or Ogi (her toys) until she falls asleep. It takes about 30 seconds, give or take 15 seconds. That depends on how sleepy she is that day.

By doing this, my husband killed two birds with one stone. 1. Making sure Kendi had a routine that worked for her. 2. Making sure Kendi had a routine thatIMAG1411 worked for us.

Every evening from around 7:30, we can pretty much do anything we want. We can have dinner, go out on dates, watch movies, play board games. We can continue being lovebirds.

Everyone we share this with says we are so lucky. ‘We are blessed’, we always reply.

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