Mama is sick

Martin told Kendi, ‘Mama is sick. Don’t disturb her.’

I don’t think she heard one word.

My friend Mbaiza, wrote on social media maybe 1 month ago, that she was really sick and had to spend some time in hospital. She said it was no fun eating chips and sausages without her kids fighting over the sausages. She said that despite being sick, she still wanted to spend time with her babies. She was bored to tears without them.

I was sick last week. The doctor said that there was a flu bug going around and that that is what I had caught. I had not slept one wink Wednesday night. I finally woke up Martin at about 4 am and told him that I didn’t feel well. He asked me what was wrong, gave me some painkillers (for my pounding headache) and got onto the internet to research what was wrong with me. He woke me up in the morning and told me to get dressed, he was taking me to hospital. I didn’t fight him, I could barely walk on my own.

After the hospital, we came back home and my daughter fell on me like a ton of bricks. ‘Mama’ ‘mama’ ‘mama’ was all she wanted. She knew I was in the bedroom and she wanted to hang out. She repeatedly crawled up to my door and sat outside yelling ‘mama’ till Martin or Mueni (her nanny) came and took her away. This, I could hear through my drug induced sleep.

I finally called Martin and said, ‘Let Kendi come to me. I miss her’. He tried to tell me that I needed my rest but I wasn’t having any of it. I needed my baby to feel better. She is like a good luck charm. Also, I think I was just very bored sleeping all day.

And so he brought her. And I immediately started to wish he hadn’t. I think I lasted all of 5 minutes.

I could just hear my mother saying, ‘mothers only rest when they’re dead’.

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