Lovey Dovey

Martin and I have noticed something interesting. Out little lady is changing in ways we didn’t anticipate. But then again, we don’t really have a manual so we’re doing it (parenting) the only way it can be done- one day at a time.

So, to the ‘something interesting’- I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a past blog (or ten) that Martin is very touchy feely. He likes to cuddle- his language of love is primarily physical touch. Anyway, the idea I am aiming to get across is, he touches me a lot. He hugs me, gives me little kisses throughout the day, reaches out to brush me with his hands every time I walk past him- I don’t even notice it anymore. It’s my ‘normal’.

But, Kendi notices it. And, she doesn’t care for it. Not in the slightest.

One of the first times we experienced this new side of our daughter was about 2 weeks ago. Martin had gotten out of bed before me, so when I got up, he came over to give me a hug good morning. Kendi screamed from down the corridor where she was standing and came stomping towards us.

‘No’ she yelled.

We were so shocked we kind of just stood there with our arms around each other looking down at her. Martin was the first one to snap out of it, ‘come for a group hug Kendi,’ he invited, and she came and we all hugged each other like one big happy family.

Problem solved right? Or at least baby craziness averted?


The next incident was 2 days after that. Martin came into the kitchen where Kendi and I were having breakfast to hug me good morning. ‘No’ we heard again from the doorway. She came stomping towards us yelling, ‘No, no, no’ and waving her arms over her head.

‘What’s happening?’ I asked martin.

‘I think she’s jealous’ he offered.

I turned to the angry little person about 2 feet tall, ‘Kendi be ing’eyo,’ I begun with a smug smile, ‘ne en mara ka pok obedo mari?’ (You know Kendi, he was mine before he was yours)

‘No!’ She replied with finality, and made a move to separate us and stop the offending act.

It didn’t matter. To her, Martin was her Baba and everyone needed to keep their stinky hands off of him. Everyone!

And the funniest thing about it is, my sister Tawi wanted to hug me goodbye last week and Kendi all but slapped her off of me. ‘Kendi, this is my sister, you go find your own sister to hug’ Tawi told her, but she screamed with anger and started to cry when Tawi didn’t let go of me.

So, we’re not really sure who she doesn’t want touched. For now, it seems she doesn’t want anyone but her to touch either me or Martin. I wonder how that is going to work out for her in the long run.

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