Letters to my daughter: Part 4

On 7th June 2014, I wrote:

I’ve been waiting for you (in labour) from 1pm Thursday afternoon. I’m quite certain I’m going to meet you before daybreak. Let’s see.

I wish there was something I could do that would guarantee that you come quickly, but as it is, waiting is the name of the game.

I thought (imagined) the pain of contractions would be worse than this. Maybe my pain threshold is super high. But something tells me maybe the worst is yet to come.

I’m getting of tired of waiting. I haven’t been quite able to sleep and I keep praying that you’d just make up your mind and make your entrance already.

For you we prayed and prayed, we can’t wait to meet you. Please come quick.

(This ‘labour’ turned out to be false and Kendi didn’t come for another 3 weeks)


3 months after Kendi was born, on 29th October 2014, I wrote:


  1. When I cry and it sounds like I’m coughing, I’m uncomfortable or bored.
  2. When I cry and it sounds like ‘neh’ I am hungry, please feed me.
  3. Keep changing my position, sit me up, lay me down, take me on walks, I get bored and restless easily.
  4. When you feed me, make sure you protect my clothing and yours. We will both get VERY wet.
  5. When we’re out of the house, clean my hands constantly, people are always touching them and I suck on them!
  6. Loud sounds startle me. Don’t panic too, it makes the situation worse. Just speak in comforting tones. I’ll be fine.
  7. Sometimes I miss my mummy when she’s away and I cry. Not to worry, I’m not sad. You’re doing a good job.
  8. When I wake up, don’t pick me up immediately. Let me be, I’ll let you know when to pick me up.
  9. Give me a bath with water hot enough for you to bath with, it relaxes me.
  10. Give me a massage with olive oil after my bath all over my body.
  11. Apply aloe vera gel on my shoulders, face and legs. I have eczema.
  12. Hand sanitizer for EVERYONE who wants to hold me.
  13. I require one extra layer of clothing more that you. Just one! Keep me warm and cool if you’re hot or cold.
  14. I don’t like the taste of medicine.
  15. Put me to sleep at night in a sleeping bag. I kick like a left wing forward (according to Aunty Mich) and I’ll end up cold and consequently, awake.
  16. Always put on a bib for me, I drool a lot. Check to see if my bib is wet enough to reach my clothes then change it.
  17. Don’t put me to sleep in my bib.
  18. Put me to sleep on my back or on my side.
  19. I feel like I’m dying if you cover my face.
  20. Give me my last feed at 10pm them put me down for the night.
  21. I can always afford a smile. If I’m not smiling, try harder.
  22. I don’t like being touched on my face, especially my nose.
  23. When I’m angry, I shout at people.
  24. I talk A LOT! Just talk to me. I like it.

When Wam, my cousin saw that I was doing this series, not wanting to be left behind, wrote in:

Kendi I was away for most of the time you spent in Mummy’s tummy…she would skype with me and tell me how sick she had been but she was always so happy. The pictures of you in mummy’s tummy were sooo cute. I remember asking your mum if you were here yet until she told me “Wam it won’t be a secret when she gets here!” Haha she was getting sick of all of us asking when you were coming. You kind of took your time.

You are such an amazing blessing to this family. A true reflection of your name. I love you so much baby girl…keep dancing and shaking your little behind.

Tata Wam (July babies rock !)

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