Letters to my daughter: Part 3

Joey and Andy Buwalda are Kendi’s ‘grandparents’. They adopted my sister Tawi, when she went to school in Canada. She was alone and they took her in, loved her, fed her, picked her up, dropped her off, helped with her bike, bought her cookies like they would their own child. They are so special. And they’ve never met Kendi.

Joey wrote:

In China, you are already one year old on the day of your birth. I love that concept because you already ARE. Safe within mommy’s ‘secret place’ God is knitting you into that unique person He has planned you to be. Every day more developed, what a wonder the whole process is.

There will come the day of your birth, may you sense the sweetness of love surrounding you. Daddy + Mommy looking at you with an awesome sense of responsibility, wondering how on earth you fit inside Kitt! Grandpas, Grandmas looking on with tenderness. Aunties, uncles, cousins galore. But you also have a family in Canada…it was so good to meet your parents. We know you will be in good hands because they know WHO their help comes from, their help comes from our Lord Jesus.

May you grow up in that knowledge, may God bless you and keep up, and may His face shine upon you, and give you peace!

Uncle Andy and I hope you will come and visit us in Canada someday.

Blessings, Aunty Joey


Andy wrote:

Hello little man…but maybe I should say Hello little lady because you are not born yet and I have no way of knowing which title I should be using. Indeed it is unusual for me to speak to someone as young as you…still…why not? You are a person as much as anyone else and created after the image of God.

Let me tell you a story: I was visiting your family and your aunties Tawi and Mich were visiting as well. Both of them were sitting on the couch with your mother in between them…and they were trying to talk to you…they leaned down close to your residence and started to make little baby talk to you…but one was louder so then the other became louder as well…then your mother got up and said ‘enough’ and knocked their heads together.

Now that is not true…what really happened is your mother got up, walked away and they fell into each other…everybody was laughing. So you see how much everyone already loves you. You are very, very blessed to have such aunties…yes very blessed.

Now, I have some advice for you. In this life, there are three or four things you need to know. First, you must know and come to believe that you are a creation of God and have been created in His image. Second, you must know and come to believe that you are not your own but belong to Jesus Christ the son of God who has paid a ransom for you and me and all who love Him. I pray that you will learn what this means as you grow.

Third, well I like to say it this way…if a man’s gonna make it, he’s gotta be tough! What does that mean? It does NOT mean to be mean or angry. It means to believe in yourself. It means to know who you are, it means that you can look after yourself. It means being able to look past yourself and see the needs of other people…it means to be strong and of good courage…and finally, it means to use a lot of common sense.

So now I have lots more to say (but I feel someone pushing me) I am a man of great age, I am a sage of great renown, but (someone is pushing me- stop that)- my name is Andrew Buwalda- more to say-blah, blah, blah-quit pushing me-blah,blah,blah,blah…

Oh dear, he seems to have fallen off the page!

Oh dear!

 Andy wrote a poem:

My name is Andrew Donald Buwalda…well not really. Legally, my name is Anne Douwe Buwalda- pronounced this way: uun-eh dow-weh Buwalda. But most people just say Anne when they see it. So here is a poem for you.

My name is Anne

It is not Dan

It is not Stan

My name is Anne

I am a man!


I am two hundred years old

And my speech is very bold

I have a beard that grows

All the way down to my toes


My wife is strong like a bull

And her hair is soft like wool

She’ll say be home by eight

And you better not be late!


Yes…my name is Anne

It is not Dan

It is not Stan

My name is Anne

I am a man!


(‘Anne’ is a respected male name in the Netherlands)

Andy Buwalda

One thought on “Letters to my daughter: Part 3

  1. In the last paragraph I speak of someone “pushing me off the page” and it would make sense if you saw the original because on the original I included some drawings of of a big giant hand pushing me off the page because I was being so wordy and long winded…. Andy

    Honoured to be in your Journal – Joey – Love from Canada

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