It’s not me, it’s you

Yesterday was a bad day for Kendi and I.

She hasn’t been feeling well so we went to see the doctor. He was one and a half hours late and when he did finally show up, we (me, the other parents/guardians and children-about 15 people in all) were sitting outside waiting for him. He sauntered past us and entered his office. There was no blanket, ‘I’m very sorry to keep you waiting, guys. I shall begin seeing you just now’. I thought to myself, ‘that’s interesting, maybe he will apologize to us individually when we go in’.

He didn’t.

At least not to me. We went in when it was our turn and I told him what was wrong with Kendi (he didn’t ask what had brought us in). He then said, ‘please put her up there so that I can examine her’, pointing to the hospital bed. At this point, I was so irritated that he hadn’t the decency to say, ‘look, I know I kept  you waiting for almost 2 hours, I’m an idiot who doesn’t respect any one else’s time. I am not going to work on it because that’s just how I am, so I suggest Dr. so-and-so down the road. I hear he has integrity,’ that I just decided to focus on Kendi who was looking about ready to start crying.

He came up to the bed and started lifting up her shirt and touching her stomach. There was no, ‘hello Kendi, what’s good? I’m going to check your tummy now OK? It won’t even hurt.’


Kendi started to yell. Still nothing. I went into, ‘you are my sunshine, my only sunshine’ to try and soothe her. I cooed and sang and spoke softly. Kendi yelled. The doctor checked her. He did not seem to notice that she was yelling. He moved her head this way and that. He pressed her cheeks together so as to see inside her mouth. He lifted her up to check her back. At one point he said something that sounded like, ‘whoa whoa whoa’ at the top of his lungs. Kendi continued to yell. I continued to sing.

He finished his examination and I went about the business of picking up the pieces of that ordeal. I held my baby and showed her the animals painted on the wall, I offered her a drink of water, I changed my song, I kissed her.

The doctor gave us the diagnosis, wrote a prescription and we left.

I fired him.

I am never going back. If only for Kendi’s sake.

3 thoughts on “It’s not me, it’s you

  1. I am so ANNOYED! That right there is my loved grand child. And that right there is an ill equiped quack whose one role is to make money. zero bedside manners, zero common courtesy. Even street courtesy dictates polite words. People say “sorry” to strangers in the street who stumble, for petes sake. Maybe that man was not a “people”. And nobody cares that he could have been having a bad day. Patients go to doctors because the patient is having a bad day, not to tolerate or look after the doctors ego, bad manners, personal issues. Bye Bye bad doctor. My only concern nowis how do I save somebody elses grandchild from that ordeal?


  2. Here! Here!! Some doctors,not only peds are kind of insensitive and not at all in the business of understanding their patience,only the reason why they have come..sigh..I’m sorry mama 🙁

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