I want yours, mummy!

Martin is away on business for the week, so Kendi took the opportunity to go visit her grandparents. I am a responsible parent, so I took her.

Yesterday, Teko my cousin who lives in the same neighborhood, came to visit. Teko is turning two next month and is very cute. I offered him a mandazi which Kendi immediately grabbed (I had put them to sit side by side- my mistake). So I noticed this when he started to cry, I looked over and Kendi had the mandazi in her hand. So I told her off, tried to take back the mandazi (amid great screaming, and at this point Teko stopped crying to watch Kendi shouting at me) and hand it back to Teko, with no avail. So I proceeded to give Teko a new mandazi from the bowl while apologizing emphatically.

As soon as I gave it to him, Kendi moved the aforementioned stolen mandazi from her right hand (Teko was sitting on her right) to her left hand, so that she can grab the other mandazi from Teko’s hands. This is where I drew the line, I said, ‘No, we kinyo nyawadu!’ (Stop bullying your friend).

But this whole scenario reminds me that for the last few months, I’ve not been able to put one thing in my mouth without Kendi coming to inspect and share whatever I’m eating. It doesn’t even matter if me and her are eating the same thing. The one from my plate, and better yet my hand, is the tastier one.

And this I have even seen with my cousin Wema. She’s 18 years old for Heaven’s sake and she’s always eating off her mother’s plate. It gets to the point where I have to ask her, ‘Wema, are you serious? You just said you didn’t want any cake’

‘Yeah, I don’t, I just want to taste’, She usually replies.

And her mother just sits there rolling her eyes. She’s been doing this ever since Wema could eat solid food. She’s over it, but what to do?

So here I am, learning how to eat like a squirrel, protecting my food and eating in secret because when Kendi sees me eating, she goes, ‘what’s that? Can I have some?’ in her own forceful way. And this is just the beginning?! I’m not sure this was in the contract.

2 thoughts on “I want yours, mummy!

  1. 🙂 But you should know by now that what is yours is “ours” and what is hers is “hers”. Mummy be very careful, there is love in sharing 😉

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