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“I can’t work out at home without Kendi crawling all over me”, I complained to my husband, Martin, one afternoon when he came home from work. He laughed and we both thought that was the end of that conversation.

Yesterday, while I was at work, Martin called me, “Kendi is impossible. I’m doing push ups and she’s crawling under me. I sit down to do sit ups and she sits on my belly, this is so hard, it’s impossible.” Now, the thing with this conversation is that Martin thinks it’s totally new and unexpected, and I am looking over my shoulder to see if it is really me he’s addressing (yes, yes, I know it’s a phone conversation, I am just being dramatic).

“That’s what I was telling you about the other day,” I whisper yell (I’m in the office and I don’t want to disrupt the entire floor). “I told you she does that.” ‘Serves him right’, I think to myself, ‘after all he didn’t have any empathy when it was happening to me’.

My morning workout routine:

50 Kendi-underneath push ups

Bench press Kendi- this involves lying flat on my back, waiting for my daughter to inevitably climb onto my chest, picking her up and pushing her up in the air 20 times. The girl weights 13kgs. This is a GREAT arm toner.

20 squats- I squat down, pick up little lady by her upper arms, rest the weight of her body on my back  and do squats. Oh yes, it’s effectively fooling your body into thinking you’re 13kgs heavier (I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, I vote ‘good thing’) Also, why not make use of the tools (read, child) at your disposal.

Then I try to stretch and that usually doesn’t go well.

Now, my husband is undergoing the exact same thing. I can’t help but giggle in my sleep when I think about it.


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