Hide and Seek

‘Kitt, why did you pinch the baby?’ uncle Ken asked.

‘I didn’t’, I protested and then laughed when I realized he was teasing me.

Last week, Kendi and I took a trip to Oyugis to visit with my mother and grandmother. In church, we were sitting next to Grandma and Kendi decided to play her favorite game of hide and seek. She would put her hands up to her face and hide behind them (sometimes even closing her eyes) and then put them down just enough to smile at grandma.

Ever heard of how an ostrich hides? Apparently, it puts its head into the ground and as long as it doesn’t see anyone, it believes, no one sees it. This ‘fact’ is not actually true though- ostriches dig shallow holes and lay their eggs in them. Several times a day, they turn the eggs with their beaks and from a distance it appears as though they have buried their heads in the sand.

In any case, Kendi does the same thing (Not the laying of eggs in a shallow hole, but the hiding bit. Please, what do you think my daughter is?) When she has more than her hands to hide behind, she will stick her head behind the edge of her car seat, behind a sofa, under a blanket- as long as her head is hidden, she thinks she can’t be seen.

Now, I know that you have seen my baby and I’m certain that some of you went, ‘oh, how chubby’ and ‘she’s so round’ and maybe even, ‘what fat thighs you have Kendi’ (this is classic Tawi- my sister) but all in all, nobody would describe Kendi as slim, by any means. So, when she hides her face behind the sofa and her entire body is sticking out and she keeps peeping out to see if I see her, my laugh is not put on or fake, its very much real- from the bottom of my heart, I am laughing at my baby girl.

Anyway, back to church in Oyugis. After a while of playing this game, Grandma whispers to me, ‘miago ating’e‘ (give her to me, I carry her). I passed Kendi over and put her on Grandma’s lap.

Her eyes widened. Her lower lip jutted out. Her mouth began to tremble. And she let out one of the biggest yells I have ever heard. I had already picked her up by the time the yell was coming (I thought the trembling lip probably wasn’t a good sign), but it was too late. Way too late. She literally stopped all the proceedings of church as I hurried to carry her outside. She continued to cry for at least another 3 minutes. At the top of her lungs.

I think that Kendi thinks that hide and seek is a perfectly fun game as long as the person she’s hiding from, doesn’t ‘find’ her.

Long live little fat thighs hiding behind big furniture and chubby hands!

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