Fat Thighs

I thought to myself, ‘an uncountantable number of women before me have done this. This is a big deal in that it brings forth life. This is not a big enough deal to whine, winge and moan over. This is do-able. I’m about to do it whether or not I want to.

I had found out I was expecting Kendi, and from that moment on, I started auditing my life. All negative things had to go. All annoying people were no longer invited, entertained, and/or forgiven. I was a happy vessel.

Then, Kendi came into this world. Quiet and with a, ‘you can’t get anything by me’ attitude. I loved the side eye she gave everyone; still gives some people. I loved her calm demeanor. I loved her fat, fat thighs. She was perfect.

Then, I was afraid. How will I raise this person? She depends on me for her life. And I remembered, ‘an uncountable number of women before me have done this…’

This is my journey.

4 thoughts on “Fat Thighs

  1. Can’t wait for what’s to come! We are all in love with precious Kendi already, so we’ll just be prepared to love her more and more- and her wise mommy too, of course! !

  2. Btw Kitt, you have a talent qith words! I was seated at a bank waiting for service for the longest while, cursing myself that I did not carry something to read… Then I saw this and I have been hooked, real all your posts web though I have no baby. Infact I’m quite irritated that the customer service lady dared to interrupt me as I am busy enjoying myself… Nkt. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you have talent. With writing and with raising Kendi. Dont give up on either<3

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