For Queencake

For Apondi Nyang’aya, you are a rock on which I can count on. Thank you for teaching me grace, patience, and kindness. I am who I am today because you are who you are. I bless you.

Thank you Jacqueline Sisly Karungu for your amazing strength. I am awed by your nature. You have embraced me like one of your own. You have no idea how much I look up to you. I bless you.

Thank you Sarah, Beatrice and Rosemary, you are invaluable to my life. As mother figures, guides, and friends, you have shown me where to step. The road is easier because you are ahead of me. I bless you.

To my co-wife Sophie, you are courage personified. You followed your heart despite great odds. You are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for teaching me courage. I bless you girl!

Becoming a mother has taught me patience, grace, kindness, support, courage and imagination. Kendi needs me happy, on time, funny, playful, and supportive. All the time.

It is for these amazing mothers in my life that I write:


Mother, friend, teacher.

You are life. You are rain. You are sunshine.

You give me strength, lift me up, throw me over, hold me down.

The way you bend is remarkable. You can’t break. Do you do yoga?

You are funny. You are smart. You are kind. You feed my heart. You nourish my soul.

Thank you for the A.B.C The 1.2.3. I have learned everything.

Thank you for the, ‘this way Kitt’, ‘here let me’ and ‘consider this, Kitt’. I honor you.

Thank you for the thank you’s, I love you’s, I forgive you’s and I’m sorrys’. I am better for it.

So, here’s to you Mama.

Well done!

You are awesome. You are perfect. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are strong, even when you’re not. You are beauty.

Well done!

You give me strength. You lift me up. You throw me over. You hold me down.

Well done!

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