Those of you who have read my blog before, know that I begun potty training the little lady when she was four months old. As soon as she could sit, I put her to sit on the potty. The routine was simple enough- every morning when she woke up, I would take off her diaper and sit her on the potty till she did something. We would sing and play games, sometimes read a book. She was confused at first, but when she would do something, I would clap and enthuse over it and her, even doing a happy dance. She got the hang of it very quickly.

Fast forward to today and we are finally diaperless.

Last Saturday, I woke up and decided we were done with diapers. I took off her diaper, had a (very excited) talk with her about her new panties and how they were very smart and wow (we showed them to her father and Mueni, her nanny), and let her know that if she wanted to go potty, then she needed to let me know.

Then, the fun begun- I put a 20 minute alarm on my phone that made a trumpeting noise, and took her to the potty every time it beeped. When it rang, I would jump up and down, laugh and yell, ‘potty time’. I would take her by the arm and we would dance singing, ‘potty, potty, potty’ all the way to the loo. It was a riot.

In the first two days that she was diaperless, we had zero accidents. That, in itself, is a miracle.

But, (and this is a big ‘but’) she refused to go number 2.

She held it in for 3 days!

Then on the third day, when I left for work, she hid from Mueni and did it in her panty. I had read about this but I just hadn’t seen it in action. Her refusing to go number 2 was about embarrassment. ‘Babies get embarrassed?’ Martin asked me when I told him that Kendi still hadn’t gone. ‘Yes, that’s why even when she was in diapers, she would hide and go, and THEN say that she had gone. I called my mum, ‘give her fruits and drinks that will make her want to go. It’s normal, just ‘force’ it with foods that make you want to go’ she offered.

So then, I had the smart idea of giving her privacy when she was on the potty. But she didn’t think that plan was working, ‘mama, bam (come)’ she would repeat over and over till I went in. I am now out of ideas.

My lesson from week one: Every time I feel irritated or exasperated because my mum is asking me how ‘to get my pictures from my phone onto my computer’ or ‘sign up for that social media network’, I remember- this lady taught me how to pee and poo into a potty. She taught me EVERYTHING, I can be patient, I can teach her one or two things.

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