Da! Hapana! No!

Kendi says, ‘No!’ a lot. Sometimes it’s just one ‘No’ to signify she’s not interested in doing what we’re asking of her. Sometimes, its three or four ‘Nos’ strung together to signify she’s really not interested in doing (or not doing) what we’re asking of her.

This is a list of the things Kendi says, ‘No’ to:

1. Nap time
2. Being woken from her nap- when she sleeps too long, it is as if she didn’t even sleep at all #crankiestbabyintheworld.
3. Bath time-she literally runs around the house naked away from me or Martin, sometimes with her toothbrush in tow (she doesn’t mind brushing her teeth).
4. Letting go of her toothbrush when she’s been brushing for 5 minutes.
5. Getting out of the bath.
6. Putting on her shoes.
7. Putting on a hat.
8. Not being allowed to leave the house with us to go to work.
9. Hugging us when we get home from work.
10. A request for a kiss or a hug from any family member.
11. The wrong storybook being brought down from the shelf for reading time.
12. Getting out of a swimming pool- this one is particularly difficult, in terms of time and energy, spent on convincing her that she’s freezing to death (her shivers are now a constant), plus the pool is closing anyway, it’s night time.
13. Putting down a used tea bag.
14. Meal times.
15. Not being able to share her food with Ninja, her cat.
16. Not being able to eat on her own, with Ninja.
17. Not being allowed to lick the honey off the bread.
18. Not being allowed to lick the honey off the chapatti.
19. Not being allowed to lick the honey off the honey bottle.
20. Being denied access to medicine, knives, matches, the oven, brooms, laptops, TV remotes, hot tea pots, hot mugs of tea, deodorant, electrical outlets, just to mention a few things Kendi is interested in touching.
21. Diaper change time.
22. Music being turned off (or the advertisement ending) while she was still dancing.
23. Being dropped off by Dana (my mum, her grandmother) after Bible Study.
24. Being denied picking up Ninja by his tail.

And probably the most interesting of them all-

25. Seeing a gorilla close up for the first time- we suspect she just thought, ‘No, I don’t agree’. My mother laughed at this for 3 days after the fact. I’m sure she’s still laughing.

Martin and I probably need another word to use when we want her to not do something. Because this ‘no’ phenomenon is certainly getting out of hand.

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