Carry, cover, hold baby

You know those things called baby carries? The ones with ten million straps and buckles? The ones that come in every shape and size? The ones you really can’t figure out because even though you are using them, you still have to actually carry the baby with your arms? Well those things are so annoying, and bad and actually harmful.

One day, some people came over to our beautiful land and said,’ these lesos that you use to tie your babies with are not very good. Use this baby carrier instead’. We said, ‘oh ok’.

Some of us couldn’t afford them so we continued tying our babies on our backs. Those were the lucky ones.

You see, that baby carrier thing, unless it has a hard heavy bottom, does not really support the baby or the person doing the carrying well. All the weight is on your shoulders alone. There is no weight distributed to your back as well, like the lesos did and still do.

Then Toto Wrap came into the market. Its a wonderful ‘invention’. Its basically a piece of cloth long enough to go around your body in such a way as to support the carrying of a baby. The baby is supported so well that they don’t feel tired at all (because being carried is a very tiring endeavor is you don’t feel secure). And the person carrying the baby does not feel the strain on any particular part of their body. The weight is perfectly distributed. Martin carried Kendi in it for about an hour trekking in the hot Tsavo wilderness. She was happy and smiling with everyone (which is usual anyway so that’s not far fetched). She was comfortable and didn’t complain for the duration of the walk. It really did it’s job.

I will sing the praises of the Toto Wrap. I will also sing the praises of the leso. I cannot differentiate one from the other.

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