Bread of life

This is how meal times happen in our household.

I cook the food. I serve the food. We eat the food.

All of us.

Here’s the thing with babies- they are not as dumb as you think. They can smell when you’re eating something different from them. Sometimes, they agitate and don’t eat as well as they should (sometimes, they don’t care). It takes longer to prepare the family meal, because there is something different for the baby. We think that because the baby is, well, a baby, they cannot handle what we eat. Funny thing is, they were eating what we eat when they were in the womb (albeit in a slightly altered form). Many times, we really don’t change our eating habits to special ‘baby-friendly’ food when we’re pregnant. If we like, bread (like me), we eat any bread related food we can get our hands on. We eat in strange quantities and combinations. We are kind of really very extremely weird when we’re pregnant, when it comes to eating.

So, why was I asked so many times, ‘you’re eating that much chilli?’ Well, because the asker must have imagined that eating chilli while pregnant could have an adverse reaction to the unborn baby. I often said, ‘eish, I really like chilli and I don’t think the women in Ethiopia or India eat different food when they’re pregnant. I’m sure, they just continue eating the family meal.’ This, I presume- I have no direct contact with a pregnant woman from either country.

So, no, Kendi does not have special mashed up food. She is handling our food just fine. She eats rice, mango, cereal and watermelon, among other things. But her favorite food is chips (because she can hold it herself and shove it into her already too full mouth) and ugali and fish. She’s our daughter for sure!

My friend from high school was telling me how she thinks she made a mistake with her baby- keeping the food mashed smooth for too long. Now her cute 10 month old will not touch anything that isn’t mashed. Thank God I don’t have this issue.

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