And some for you Gutsy

We really wanted to get Kendi a pet for her first birthday. When children grow up with animals, a few good things happen:

  • They always have a friend to hang out with when the children in the playground are being mean.
  • They have ‘someone’ to take care of. ‘Has Sifa eaten today?’ I hear my father ask my younger sister Mich very often. She can’t just be in her room watching movies on her laptop, she has to come down at some point and feed her dog. There is responsibility that is fostered.

So, we got Kendi a kitten- Gusty. He’s about 2 months old and very cute. Plus, he was the quietest one in the litter when I went to pick him up at the animal shelter. When the handler asked me if I was sure I wanted ‘that one’, I said , ‘yes, he’s very quiet and my daughter is so loud and rambunctious, that they might do good for each other. They might balance each other out’.


Kendi and Gutsy get on as well as a house on fire. Kendi tries to pick him up on numerous occasions, for what, we do not yet know. Gutsy just lets her do it- he sits quietly and gets pushed and prodded as she tries to lift him. I have said, ‘gently sweetheart’ so many times, I can’t count.

Then there’s the sharing. Kendi will share anything she’s eating with Gutsy. She’ll offer him yogurt straight from her cup (yes, she’s that generous, she doesn’t mind sharing her straw), chips from my plate, chicken from Martin’s plate (now in this case, she wasn’t even interested in the chicken, she was only taking it to go share with Gutsy), and water straight from the tap. It’s a riot. I have to keep explaining, ‘Gutsy ok dwar mano‘ (Gutsy doesn’t want that).

The poor child must think I’m just the meanest mama in the world.

In any case, Gutsy is still very quiet and Kendi is still very loud. I’m certain they will find their middle in the long run.

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